At the borderlines of the departments L'Hérault and Aude lies La Nove, approximately halfway to Carcassonne and Narbonne. The historical city of Minerve is only 5 minutes away. The Minervois is a wonderful area with beautiful surroundings, copious sunshine, and unspoiled countryside and wildlife. It’s full of vineyards, olive groves, cherry, apricot and peach trees, thyme, rosemary, mint and lavender.

You can listen to the hundreds of nightingales, cuckoos, hoopoes, owls etc. The history and architecture of the region give the area the unique atmosphere of real France, wild and free. If you like sharing gourmet meals, come and do it here, amongst the hills and garrigue or in the local towns where you can discover the local culture. Here we are 45 minutes from the Mediterranean and just next to La Montagne Noire -completely contrasting areas and climates - coastal plains and sea, and hilly wooded retreats.

There’s really a lot to be discovered: ancient culture of the Cathars and the ancient city of Carcassonne, going to the seaside, strolling around at typical local markets where the South of France is so known for, biking along magnificent roads, swimming and canoeing in lakes and rivers, having astonishing walks into the countryside and canyons, visiting local wine-producers who are always very willing to receive and welcome you to their “domaine” !


Anyway, there is always something to discover.








La Nove
5 Grand Rue
Hameau de Vialanove - 34210 La Caunette