In a former life we lived in Belgium, Antwerp. One day we were having drinks, musing and chatting cosily around the table, about what it would be like in a place where the sun always shines and people are more relaxed.

Before we knew it, we were in the car, heading to the south of France. We looked at several properties for sale, and “suddenly” we were the new owners of an old winemakers house from the 19th century which had a lot of potential.


Renovating this “ruine” would be an enormous job, but that couldn’t stop us. We could already imagine what we could make of it: a fantastic B&B facility!

2 years later (in 2010) we are now proud to present to you La Nove!

Ecological vision:

The Minervois counts over 300 days of sunshine which we want to make full use of. La Nove has solar panels for electricity and hot water. Also a cistern for recuperating rainwater. The tapwater comes directly from the natural well of La Caunette and is perfectly drinkable. We’ve installed a watersoftener for decalcification, so we can considerably reduce the use of detergents.








La Nove
5 Grand Rue
Hameau de Vialanove - 34210 La Caunette